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Sep 3, 2019


Attention is the oxygen of all human endeavour. Attention breathes life into any exchange of ideas, or transfer of knowledge. We can't parent, teach, inspire, motivate, mentor, sell, collaborate, add value or lead without it. Yet today most brands, ideas, content and even resumes are starving for attention.

Why? Too much and too many are competing for a finite amount of time and money.

Tony Chapman, legendary marketer and top ranked keynote speaker tells you what you can do to be heard.  He challenges you to be a 'Yoda'.  To stop telling your story and become part of the story of the people you want to engage.  

In a world of infinite choice you don't matter unless you matter to them. To do so you must map out their journey - and every consumer and customer is on one, and then demonstrate how what you offer will help them get to where they want or need to go.

Learn how to map out their journey and then demonstrate how you play a transformative role. In doing so, you have their attention and you can have a fair exchange of value. If you don't you stay transactional and what you offer is quickly commoditized.


To hear Tony Chapman's keynote, on getting heard in the age of noise, click here