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Sep 15, 2023

Arthur Smith shares excerpts from his book Reach - Hard Lessons and Earned Truths from a Lifetime in Television. Arthur talks about what it was like to work with Gordon Ramsay on Hell's Kitchen (excellent) and to try and convince Donald Trump to be part of a show. (not so excellent). Arthur also talks about his surprise hit American Ninja Warriors and many other behind-the-scenes stories, including Simon Cowell. 

Arthur Smith grew up as a shy kid surrounded by a wonderful family who believed in and supported his dreams. Arthur learned how to reach at a young age and has never stopped climbing—Arthur became a producer at 22, heading up CBC Sports at 28, battling US networks in Olympic showdowns, and then moving to the United States to work with Dick Clark and Fox Studios.

Arthur continues to reach. He went from producer to entrepreneur when he founded A. Smith & Co. He has produced over 200 television shows for over 50 countries. 

Today, with his Reach Foundation, Arthur Smith is as passionate about inspiring the youth to reach as he is entertaining the public. Tune in to applaud an incredible career while learning powerful lessons on how to reach for all you want.

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