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Jul 16, 2021

A true and moving story that will first bring tears to your eyes then joy to your heart while filling your knapsack with invaluable life lessons on impermanence, perspective, personal power, and turning your possibility into action.

Robert Pardi shouldn't be grateful, but he is. Robert grew up with a father who physically abused him. Years later, Desiree, the love of his life, passed away after battling breast cancer for eleven years. At that point, Robert lost all concepts of purpose, direction, and a reason to live. He even contemplated suicide. Then one day, Robert decided he couldn't change what happened, so he chose to focus on what could happen. Robert realized that these horrific experiences also offered him life skills in resilience, determination, imagination, flexibility, and insightfulness that he could share with others.

Today, Robert is based in Italy.  He is the author of the book Chasing Life, and a world-renowned coach and inspirational speaker. Enjoy and share!


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