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Feb 10, 2023

Chatter that Matters is a show that counters the storm of negativity and a growing sense of impossibility. I share inspiring stories of people who overcome their circumstances to chase their dreams and, for some, to change our world. 

My guest is Dr. Talia Varley, whom I first met at the Economic Club of Canada Conference I was hosting. I was blown away by her insights and intelligence for a good reason. Dr. Varley has a Master of Public Health from Harvard University, an MD from McMaster University, and is now the Physician Lead of Advisory Services at Cleveland Clinic Canada.

My original intent with this episode was to tackle the health of corporate cultures. I wanted to understand why so many are dissatisfied at work and looking for a new path. As the interview unfolded, I realized Dr. Varley offers all of us, not just the culture leads of organizations, how to find our way to possibility and positivity.

Dr. Varley talks about how our confirmation bias often locks us in a manner where our perceptions become our reality. She talks about how we must tune out the negative to create a healthier you at home, in the community, and where we study and work. Dr. Varley also shares her thoughts on the type of leadership we need across society to inspire significant and lasting change.

To offer context, I end the show chatting with Alan Richardson, SVP of Talent Strategy and Solutions at RBC, to share his thoughts on how organizations can create purposeful and productive cultures. 

We all deserve more positivity and possibility in life. Pura Vida.