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Oct 22, 2021

'A love story through sickness and success'

I begin the show by telling you that I am a romantic, and in the cinema, I am swept up in a great love story and in real life, I am mesmerized. Today’s episode is a wonderful and true love story and one that includes a Lion Tamer, a Circus Acrobat, a near-death experience involving hepatitis and morphine, the horrific disease MS, a Naked Monk, and a love affair where two lost souls come together to not only help and heal each other but to extend their love and learning to the planet. In listening you will get some invaluable lessons on how to approach your life to be more mindful and happy. Thank you, Caroline Courey and Stephen Schettini for sharing your story and the lessons you have learned along the way. 

And to my listeners, if you are looking for a Life Coach reach out to Caroline or a World-Renowned Mindfulness Teacher to connect with Stephen. They are wonderful, adored by their clients, and you will be supporting their wonderful family business. (Their Links are below)


At the end of the show, I ask Don Ludlow from RBC to share what they are doing to support family businesses across Canada.

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