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May 5, 2023

This an extraordinary success story with so much added value if you are involved with Brands, Marketing, Media, an Entrepreneur, and even a Parent or Consumer. 

Joe Gagliese, the co-founder and CEO of a digital and social innovation agency, Viral Nation, is one of the most impressive entrepreneurs I have ever talked with. Joe is innovative, insightful, informative, and inspiring. In seven years, his agency has become a global disruptor in the marketing world. Viral Nation has raised $250 million from three of the most astute tech investors in the world, John Ruffolo from Maverix Private Equity and Todd Boehly and Jeff Wilbur from Elridge Principal.

The timing for this episode couldn’t be better, given the events surrounding Bud Light and its influencer campaign with Dylan Mulvaney and the widespread backlash from anti-transgender voices.

Joe Gagliese discusses how influencer marketing influences how we think, feel, and buy while also talking about his seven-year rocket ride. At 24, when Joe started Viral Nation, he was laughed out of boardrooms for his approach. Today Viral Nation works directly with the world’s biggest brands. Joe talks about Marketing by Numbers and how their proprietary and patented technology allows Viral Nation to shatter the status quo by combining the power of personality, backed with precise data that measures success while mitigating risk.

Joe Gagliese, a Canadian entrepreneur on a global mission to shift marketing from ‘mass to my.’

Don Ludlow, Vice President of Small Business, Business Financial Services Strategy at RBC, joins the show to talk about the importance of innovative entrepreneurs like Joe Gagliese to power our economy in the future. Don talks about why it takes several partners to support this vital sector today and why leading by example matters most.