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Dec 30, 2022

Best-selling author and acclaimed thinker Kim Scott provides the framework for giving and receiving exceptional feedback and having more meaningful conversations.

What was the worst feedback that you ever received? I remember working part-time at a drugstore when I was in my teens, and my boss told me I was useless. I had an English Teacher who told me repeatedly that I would never amount to anything. I would like to know if these attacks were why I was horrible at giving feedback. For most of my career, I sugar-coated or even avoided it for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

I am closing the year with a Chatter that Matters show that will carry you for years to come. My guest is Kim Scott, and what Kim offers will positively and profoundly change how you provide and accept feedback as a parent, mentor, coach, leader, and peer. Some fantastic lessons for life and livelihood.

How did this show come about? Feedback from my daughter, Mikahla Chapman, who also co-hosts this show with me.

My youngest daughter Mikahla has a Master of Science in Occupational Psychology from London Metropolitan University. In November, she sent me this text - “Dad, I just read this article on radical candor, and the concept reminds me of you.” 

This text and our subsequent conversation inspired us to reach out to Kim Scott, the author of the best-selling book Radical Candor author.

Kim Scott draws upon her experiences working in Silicon Valley for clients, including Apple and Google, and Kim shares many entertaining stories to illustrate her points on how we can all get better at giving and receiving feedback.

Alan Depencier, the CMO of RBC, returns to the show to talk about how RBC applies the principles of radical candour to create a culture where everyone has a voice. Alan offers some great points for anyone who has the honour of leading a team.

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