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Nov 26, 2019

The Experience Economy is growing while the Materialistic is Stalling.  How do you compete when what you offer - a service or experience, is less tangible than a product?

This week on #ChatterthatMatter, Tony Chapman dives into the tourism sector to make his case for 'it's not what you offer but why you matter'

The podcast travels back to the birth of tourism, to the present to provide insights and ideas that can apply to anyone in the services sector.

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Tourism represents 10% of the world GDP and 10% of the employment, so there is a lot to learn that can be applied to the services economy.

How did this industry get so big?   Why is it of such importance locally and globally?  How do you attract the attention of customers and employees?  

How do personal experiences created through insights on what the customer values fuel your #marketing#selling#culture and overall #operations?

Why does all of the above apply to anyone competing in the Experience economy?