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Jul 9, 2021

Gil Moore is my guest, and I chose the word Triumph for two reasons. The first is how he approaches life as an entrepreneur and a renaissance man when it comes to education. It's also a play on words as Gil is the drummer and one of the vocalists in the band, Triumph, who broke into the USA market, but broke up at their peak when they were selling out stadiums, and their records played worldwide. We chat about Triumph's rise to fame and the reasons behind their breakup, and that alone is a great story. What makes this episode so much more is what Gil did with his life before and afterwards. He built METALWORKS, one of the top recording studios in North America, with nearly 200 Gold and Platinum record awards, and Canadian Music Week (CMW) "Studio of the Year" award for a record 17th time. In addition, METALWORKS INSTITUTE has the largest enrollment of any Ontario media arts college, with over 300 full-time students. As you will soon hear, Gil's ideas to revolutionize education, I hope, will move to the top of the policymaker's charts.

Jeff Lindsay makes a return appearance to share a story of an aspiring artist who benefited from a collaboration between METALWORKS and RBC. 

Side Note and a true confession:  I tried to play music: Guitar, piano, and even trumpet in school. I could read it and appreciate it; what I lacked was musicality. I couldn't feel it or channel it. This inability made me admire those who can play alone or in a group and choose music as their career. For that reason, I love rock documentaries from the first chords, and then for a very few, their talent, effort, and luck lead to selling out stadiums. How do they manage their trajectory? Who controls their destiny, the artist or the industry? Within their group, who has influence or authority over their creative process and their image? What happens after the band breaks up?







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