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Feb 4, 2022

'A heart-wrenching to a heartwarming story that proves that regardless of circumstances, you can have a better life if people believe in you and teach you to believe in yourself.'

Edward Henry and his siblings wanted and deserved what every child should have. A happy and stable home. Instead, they had a raging alcoholic for a father, and when Edward was seven, his mother brought a new man into their world. He was physically abusive and incapable of holding a job. Edward and his siblings moved 23 times, including at one point finding themselves at the Community Kensington Homeless Shelter. At age eleven, his Mom dropped her children off at their aunt's house, saying she would run errands. They didn't hear from her for six months.

Edward and his brothers moved back with his father and inherited all the pain and trauma that comes with living with a parent who is a severe alcoholic. A friend of his father sexually abused Edward. This abuse and his life unleashed a rage in Edward, and he fed it with alcohol leading to three DUI's, several injuries and a severe car crash.

Edward met three people who changed his life by seeing him as a human and believing in him.

The first was Glen Rankin, who promoted his artistic side and encouraged him to try sales. The second was Gary Leibovitz, who became a father figure and taught him essential life and business skills. The third, is the love of his life, his wife.

At age 23, Edward stopped drinking and discovered he had a talent for sales. He put his life together, fell in love, and today is a wonderful husband and father and a successful entrepreneur. His business, Edward Henry and Co (EHCO), is a full-service professional sales training and business development company.


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