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Oct 21, 2022

A knock at the door knocks Chanda over. A fantastic story of resilience we can all learn from.  A successful entrepreneur who had it all.  A profitable business, a respected person in her small-town community, and she found the love of her life.  All was perfect until the knock on her door, followed by guns to her head, and the arrest and conviction of her boyfriend, Jeff Kompon, for being part of Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cocaine cartel shattered everything.

Chanda says in her book Forever: A love story. A raid. An arrest. Heartache. A Small Town Scandal. And a Journey of Self-Discovery.  ' I never considered myself a victim; I was a survivor of a broken heart.' 

Amy Deacon, the Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, provides context on what happens when idyllic shatters at the crack of dawn.