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Jan 7, 2022

'A coming of age story about how impossibility can become a possibility through human spirit and will.' 

By the time Curtis Carmichael was 11, ten people he knew died. He grew up in a Block where parents worked several jobs to survive, everyone was profiled, and crime seemed to be the only path to prosperity. Schools were at best a parking lot where students were yelled at by teachers who said they have no value. As Curtis says: 'In real life, you're seven, but where I grew up, in Block years, you're 21.'

Curtis Carmichael plans to break the cycle of poverty in marginalized communities by helping kids thrive, not just survive. . Curtis is the founder of Source Code Academy which will be Canada's first culture-focused innovation and entrepreneurship academy for Black, Indigenous and low-income children in communities like his. His intent is to tap into the ingrained entrepreneurship that exists within communities that have to get creative to survive and bridge the educational gap and digital divide. Their intent is: No Child Left Behind. His thinking and passion will inspire you, and I bet that you will vote for this exceptional young man one day. 

Mark Beckles, Vice President of Social Impact and Innovation at RBC joins the show to talk about Future Launch, and other initiatives RBC is doing to support youth across Canada.

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