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Mar 24, 2020

Are we real with climate change? Are we separating fact from fiction, hearing arguments from both sides for a balanced opinion on climate change? Should the claims of climate catastrophe be believed and taxed?

In this episode, I interview Tom Beakbane, a scientist by training, an entrepreneur by choice. Tom is a family man, loves the outdoors, and a leading brand strategist. Tom put his reputation on the line to create a platform called to add his voice to a global roar that is challenging the narrative of climate catastrophists. Tom is putting forth an alternate point of view on climate change, which he is basing on climate science and what’s required to address these challenges in Canada. His comments on carbon and carbon tax are worth the price of listening alone.

From science to branding (3:19)
Tom’s journey from his studies in the UK to building a diverse career in Canada. Combining his science-based academic background with writing skills and his love for painting, Tom enters the world of packaged goods and brand communications. Tony and Tom's paths soon cross.

To climate change (6:13)
After one of his annual backcountry ski trips in the Rocky Mountains, Toms journey into the realm of climate change and climate science begins. A self-described “unlikely candidate”, and initially dismissive, his interest increases as he realizes that the medias headlines were not representative of what real scientists were thinking.

Climate realism (13:18)
With the launch of, a stand is taken against Canadas’ climate change propaganda. Tom realizes that Canada has no real plan to balance the needs for energy development, consumption and climate change. Taxing consumers and industries is not the answer - it certainly doesn’t spur on innovation to develop alternate forms of energy.

The truth about carbon dioxide (16:50)
Tom explains how Al Gores documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” has influenced climate change science and how carbon dioxide was hijacked for convenience. There is no catastrophe - the forecasts were wrong - and we have many more environmental issues to deal with aside from carbon dioxide.

A climate catastrophe. Really? (25:02)
We will not be burning up in 20-30yrs time says, Tom. There is no credible evidence or scientist that supports the climate catastrophe position. We need policies that are beneficial to both the environment and Canadians and we need to teach our kids not to be afraid of the future.

Fossil fuel - changing the narrative (29:04)
If we are going to replace fossil fuel, Canadians will need real and viable alternatives. We need adult conversations, not panic. Conversations not only about the science of climate change but also about the intersection of energy and environmental policy.

How can you help? (31:58)
- Be informed. Learn, question and understand the issues and science of climate change
- Push back on the climate catastrophists
- Don't be hypocritical

Closing (33:50)
Tony Chapman shares his insights and learnings:
- Open your mind to other peoples opinions
- Listen generously, be curious and form your own opinions
- Have the courage of your conviction
- Fight your way to the middle ground


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