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Jun 10, 2022

Amber Mac is a tech analyst, brand advisor, and business coach with a burning desire to make the digital revolution easier to digest for everybody, everywhere. Learn about the opportunities and solutions that come with emerging technologies.

Early in her successful broadcasting career, Amber Mac identified an unmet need. Technology was one of, if not the central force of change in society; it was often complex, making choices and applications difficult. She believed that people would respond to someone who could help them demystify all that was new.

Amber risked all by leaving a promising broadcasting career as a 'hired hand' to talk tech to create her own media platform where she had full editorial and publishing control. Her courage continues to pay off. Amber is a best-selling author, a sought-after speaker and an interviewer; her content is viewed all over the world. Amber shares her back story in this chat and what it takes to own a lane and drive a business forward. 

Alecia Aquino joins me from RBC to discuss their support of women-led businesses in Canada.


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