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Apr 23, 2021

In a special Earth Day tribute, I take you back to 1970 and the two significant events that led to the creation of a day honouring our planet. We then fast forward to 2050, where the population of the earth tops 10 billion. We then travel back to today, where I ask three people an essential question. Do we have the ability to feed our people and sustain our planet? 

Michael McCain is the CEO of Maple Leaf Foods. He is on a quest to make his company the most sustainable protein company on earth and has already made massive strides. You will learn the difference between shareholder value and shared values and why I believe that what Michael is doing is the future of capitalism.

Megan Leslie is the CEO of WWF Canada, and their vision is a Canada with abundant wildlife. Their work is admirable but what stands out is what each of us can do to play our part in bringing back habitat. It's within our reach.

Wade Barnes, the CEO of FarmersEdge. A Canadian-based and a global leader in providing digital solutions to farmers and growers enabling More and Less. More yield, productivity, connectivity, carbon storage with less risk, and impact on the environment have already made massive strides in their quest.

Three individuals, leading organizations committed to Planet Earth, and to making sustainability a matter of choice, not chance.  They inspire all of us to do more and be more.