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May 21, 2021

Joe Pine, one of the thought leaders of modern-day capitalism offers fresh thinking on how you lead, market, sell, teach, engage and create memories that last a lifetime, through experiences that matter.

In 1999 by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmour published the Experience Economy, Work is Theatre, and Every Business is a Stage. Today it is considered one of the top 100 business books of all time. This book changed my life, and what Joe Pine shares with you today about his new thinking might change how you approach engaging and persuading all the stakeholders who matter to you.

I was seven years into building my new agency, Capital C, and we struggled with why we mattered. After reading their book, I bought into their thesis that the next economic progression is the experience economy. That value and being valued was through the experiences you offered, not the products or services you sold. I realized that our future as an agency would be to create experiences where consumers could engage with our client's brands in-store or in the marketplace. Six years later, we won Agency of the Year.

In this episode, Joe Pine talks about the key findings from his new book including our move online and the use of technology.  Joe shares his recipe for creating experiences that create value for you and are valued by following the four 'E's - education, entertainment, esthetics, and escape.