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Jan 20, 2023

Fennella Bruce was the 2022 Businesswoman of the Year and one of the 100 Most Accomplished Black Canadian women in 2020. 

In this episode of Chatter That Matters, Fennella shares her incredible climb to the highest ranks of television as a writer, editor, and producer. With humour and grace, Fennella takes us deep inside the world of news and morning television glamorized in the Apple TV hit "The Morning Show." 

An immigrant who, at university and early in her career, often found herself as a minority of one. One of the few women and women of colour. Instead of trying to fit into the status quo, Fennella chose to stand out.

Fennella graduates with stellar marks but stalled without a network.  She shares how she went from a standing start to overdrive when she fell in love with television and, from there, has never looked back. Respected by her peers and sought after by all the major networks, Fennella talks about a decision many of us dream about but few do. In 2018, Fennella left the trappings and insecurity of a job in media to start FKB Media solutions, focusing on Public Relations, Media Training, Livestream Production, Television Production and much more. 

Once again, Fennella becomes "the one and only." The one to watch, the one to make waves, the one to earn the respect of a new business community and the only one to get her clients the attention they need and deserve.

In this episode, cheer a woman who succeeds on her terms while offering powerful lessons in overcoming imposter syndrome, creating opportunity, managing stressful situations and how to stand out and stand for what matters most to you and everyone around you.  And if you are starting your career, or work in the news and mass or social media world, listen with a pen and paper!

Alan Richardson, the Senior Vice President of Talent Strategy and Solutions, closes the show with some powerful thoughts on the power of a diverse culture. 

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