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Dec 10, 2019

Gunn Sikk is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Articulate, passionate and consumed by the human body, our chemistry and our biology. Gunn agreed to do a three-part Chatter that Matters podcast with me. His advice is simple, there is no voodoo or superfood, just smart advice. It's worth your and your families time and health to listen. 

I ask Gunn questions like:

Can you slow down your internal aging clock?

Be the person that looks 20 years younger?

Improve your brain, increase your energy and sex drive?

Cure versus mask disease with medicine?

Is our tap water healthy? Meat? Plant-based diets?

Is the movie Game Changers fact or fiction?

Gunn Sikk works with world-renowned individuals, leaders, celebrities and athletes. Gunn's belief is that we are mostly' We are what we eat'. Genetics only play a small part in how we live and how long we live.

Episode one: click - or subscribe to Chatter that Matters wherever you get your podcasts.

Part 2 and 3, will arrive the following Tuesday's.

Eat well. Be well. Listen Well, Share and Subscribe.