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Jan 14, 2022

A magical story of turning impossibility into possibility. At 13, Mike Fata drops out of school to help his Mom, balloons to 300 pounds on a junk food diet and self-pity. At age 18, he says: 'I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.' On his journey to regaining his mental and physical health, Mike Fata discovers Hemp, an excellent source of essential fats. Still, it's a banned crop because of its association with cannabis. He sees this as an opportunity, and after many bureaucratic hurdles, he starts with one farm, one press and one customer at a time. He builds Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods. Twenty-one years later, he sold the business for over $500 million.

And today, Mike Fata is focused on helping all of us lead healthier lives and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs harvest their ideas. He has a venture with Greg Fleishman 🍩 called Fata & Fleishman Mentorship.

Ryan Riese, National Director of Agriculture for RBC, joins in announcing a partnership between FCC / FAC, University of Guelph to launch a free e-learning Farm Management Course to support agriculture in Canada.

There is so much to take from Mike Fata's journey of turning Impossibility into possibility. 


32 years ago, he dropped out of high school
21 years ago - launched a health food business
Two years ago - sold Manitoba Harvest for over $500 million

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