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Mar 25, 2022

How do you say no to a job offer from Steve Jobs? 
Guy Kawasaki is one of the most respected minds in Silicon Valley, an evangelist for Canva, a prolific author (of 15 books), speaker and a newly minted podcaster. This episode is a masterclass for entrepreneurs and ambition.
Guy Kawasaki was one of Apple's first brand evangelists, and over his career, he worked there twice and turned Steve Jobs down a third time. That career move and turning down the role of CEO of Yahoo probably cost him about $3 billion. Guy Kawasaki has no regrets; he is one of the most positive people I have ever met, and his focus is to make the world a better place.
Guy Kawasaki shares some incredible stories of what it was like to work for Steve Jobs, including a heated exchange between the two that stopped a meeting – and Kawasaki's career – in its tracks.
A firm believer that business should have a higher purpose beyond profit, Kawasaki shares his top lessons in business, including the difference between enchantment and persuasion. Kawasaki's advice to start-ups is to create something that matters. And for those entrepreneurs seeking to become the next unicorn, he offers this two-step process. 
Step one: Dent the universe. Step two: Become a unicorn-not vice-versa.
And for a bonus feature, Shadi McIsaac, the passionate and brilliant co-founder of OWNR, joins the show. OWNR is an all-in-one platform from RBC Ventures to start, manage, and grow your business. Sixty-five thousand companies have already used their services. If you contemplate starting a business or are overwhelmed by admin and bureaucracy, you should check them out.
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