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Sep 10, 2019

Our world is now within 'arm and voice' reach of desire.  We can summon almost any product or service to our doorstep, and often within hours. 
The benefit is almost immediate gratification, but it can come with a huge price, a matter of life and death.
Amazon and other ecommerce delivery drivers have been accused of running red lights and stops signs just to make up time. In some cases they've been blamed for injuries and even fatalities - when pedestrians get in their way.
CBS News  tells the story of two dramatic cases in Chicago - one involved serious injuries; the other resulted in the death of an 84 year old woman. In that case, criminal charges were brought against an Amazon delivery driver and ended with an acquittal.
Should we be looking beyond self-gratification or is the value we place on convenience both priceless and potentially lifeless?
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