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Apr 8, 2024

On my watch, we went from slides to video, from film to digital, a handful of channels to thousands, tens of millions of websites, analog to wireless, and a stolen milk carton container for our albums to three million songs in my pocket.The most critical change was that humans went from being captive consumers of content to nomadic, with an appetite to create, validate, and yield power.

And tomorrow, on my watch - AI. I am working with three different programs and am mesmerized by how they can expand my creative capacity.

These three lessons guided me through so much change, and each time made me a better marketer, successful at winning business, gave me the confidence to take risks as an entrepreneur, and, I hope, a better leader and person.

These lessons are universal and easy to learn and apply. They will allow you to harness AI to your advantage versus being crushed in the coming wake.

If you have six minutes, you can hear them here.

If you like them, share them with others. They will make us a better human race by focusing on what matters most to the people who matter most to you.

Pura Vida