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Apr 18, 2024

This will define our country in the future: dreamers and doers who are taking on our most significant problems and then exporting their ideas and technology around the world.

For my Earths Day Show, I chatted with Phil De Luna.  At age 32, he is among the most brilliant people I have ever interviewed. Phil has a great personality, radiates passion, and has a powerful connection to the human race.

Phil makes me feel optimistic about science's role in battling climate change.  
I know you will enjoy his story, which also reflects the tapestry of Canada. A family of newcomers who came to Canada to improve their circumstances and a son who honours their sacrifice by making a positive dent in one of humanity's biggest problems.

Phil offers his five-step plan for saving our planet. He also discusses the carbon tax and offers ideas for better serving our planet and the Canadian economy.

I also included an interview with John Stackhouse, SVP of RBC. John is a nationally bestselling author and one of Canada's leading voices on innovation and economic disruption. He talks about the RBC Climate Action Institute.



To learn more about Phil De Luna's company, Deep Sky:

To learn more about the RBC Climate Action Institute: