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Jan 14, 2021

RELENTLESS matters to Sulemaan Ahmed

In WORDS MATTERS, I interview people I admire and then ask them for the word that matters most and why. We then look at how this word influences their choices, their life and their career to discover life lessons we can all apply to help us get to where we need and deserve to go.

In this episode, I chat with Sulemaan Ahmed, a gifted entrepreneur, a loving Father and Partner, and someone who is relentless in uncovering the truth, overcoming diversity and making things happen versus simply watching and wondering. Sulemaan is known as 'Yoda' by his clients as he helps them climb a steep learning curve with a digital world changing faster than the speed of life.

Sulemaan provides some great answers to my questions:

Why are relentless people labelled over-achievers and trying too hard? 

Your 5-year-old boy was on a no-fly list. How did a single tweet and five years of relentless effort turn this injustice into justice?

The colour of your skin and your name has created barriers. What do you do to tear them down, and what can Canadians do to ensure they stay down?

What role have your mentors played in your life?

Your wife, Khadija Cajee, has been a driving force in your life. When Covid hit, the two of you chose to make things happen versus watch and wonder. Share with us your idea that ended up involving people like Ryan Reynolds and creating a' Tinder' for PPE.

Running a volunteer group is very different than your own company. What did you learn about keeping people motivated to stay the course?

How did you 'face the dragon' when people you trusted tried to squeeze you out, and what did you learn about yourself?

Relentless is often the lifeblood of greatness - in science, business, athletics, academics - what advice can you offer the listener on how to turn that switch on?

I conclude with the three lessons that mattered most to me.

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