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Sep 17, 2019

Have you felt the vibrations?  The tremors that are hitting every corner of our marketplace.  In this episode of Chatter that Matters, Tony Chapman, takes you on a quest to uncover a new economy that is happening with such force it is rendering much of what we know about conventional capitalism and career building, obsolete.  Players in this economy include Amazon, Alibaba, airbnb, Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, Skip the Dishes, Facebook, Spotify and thousands more.   They now have a combined market capitalization of $7.5 trillion dollars.
Many ride an app like a Trojan Horse directly into your phone to connect you directly with the world you want to explore and buy.  They harvest your data to enable them to focus on the two most compelling customer benefits that matter - more and less.  More of what matters to you with less of what doesn’t.
However, with every cause there is an equal reaction and the platform economy is no exception.  Tony shares his feelings on why much of what we take for granted and appreciate will become the exception versus the rule as the platform economy builds over the old.
To learn more about the platform economy here is a link to Tony’s keynote - From a Place to Buy to the Place to Be that he delivered at Store 2019 for the Retail Council of Canada.
To read an article about how conventional retail, tourism and hospitality can counter the platform economy. Click here.
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