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Apr 13, 2020

Traci Shepheard's lifelong dream was to be an entrepreneur building a health and wellness business.  She had hundreds of ideas, but nothing caught her imagination more than a mobile meditation studio.  She did her homework,  received immediate acceptance with some of Canada's largest businesses, and invested her life savings, including the purchase and retrofitting of an Airstream Trailer to create a 'rock star' experience. MeditationWorks launched.

As she starts the ignition, her wheels fall off when COVID-19 stops everything in their tracks, especially a studio where people meditate inside a trailer, even one as beautiful as Traci’s.

Listen to how Traci manages her stress, and how she reacts to the advice from some of Canada's leading thinkers. Insights, Ideas, and Inspiration for all.

Small Business Matters series, presented by RBC.


The journey to entrepreneurship  (01:16)
Traci shares her story of how MeditationWorks ( came to be. Leaving a promising career she invests her life savings in a mobile mediation studio. From a stable career, Traci enters the uncertain world of an entrepreneur, forging ahead to build her dream business - a mobile mediation studio in an Airstream trailer (

COVID-19 tests Traci’s resolve  (08:17)
Having recently confirming plans to pilot her business with major Canadian corporations, COVID-19 hits, putting the brakes on Traci’s dreams and business “…I felt like the entire jungle showed up in my head.” Not to be dissuaded, Traci pivots and shifts gears to meet this challenge head-on.

The experts share their advice  (11:45)
Denise Rossetto, hones in on Traci’s brand and purpose - the rock star experience. Corby Fine provide valuable insights into how Traci can monetize her digital experience. Denise, from @RBC acknowledges Traci’s passion and her proactivity in engaging with her partner businesses during a time of crisis and provides guidance as to where she can get additional support.

Tony’s final thoughts (20:35)
Closing this episode, Tony shares his confidence in Traci’s idea. An idea matched with great passion and her desire fulfil a higher purpose - to help the emotional and physical health and well-being of Canadians everywhere.

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