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May 19, 2023

 Wendy Murphy lost the use of her legs in a car accident. What she found was her life’s calling.

Prepare to be inspired by the remarkable story of Wendy Murphy, who transformed personal tragedy into triumph and used positivity for the benefit of society. Powerful lessons for all await.

Wendy takes us on a heartfelt journey through her life, which began as someone who approached life three steps at a time. In 1984, at seventeen, her life changed instantly due to a tragic car accident. Wendy lost her best friend, and she became an incomplete paraplegic.

Wendy had to overcome survivor guilt and deal with the realities of life in a wheelchair, the lack of accessibility and the stigma of being physically challenged.

Determined to make a difference for her community and to demonstrate possibilities, Wendy chose a career in front of the camera. She became a successful model, journalist, and actor.

Wendy wrote a powerful memoir—Wendy Murphy’s Law. Whatever can Go Wrong Can Be Made Right.

Joel Dembe, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, RBC, Paralympian and Motivational Speaker, returns to Chatter that Matters. I asked Joel about his extraordinary athletic career and why his desire to be seen competing was vital as it changed the narrative from disability to ability.   

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