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Sep 12, 2019

What does Boston Bib Lettuce, and a fixed price all you can eat buffet have to do with our upcoming elections?

In this episode of Chatter that Matters, Tony looks at each parties campaign slogan and platform by comparing it to a buffet line, with endless promises, but many without substance. He challenges the Liberal parties slogan #ChooseForward and whether it is any different than the Conservatives #GetAhead. He calls them both Boston Bib Lettuce that lack differentiation, plate appeal or bite. He looks at each #JustinTrudeau, #AndrewScheer etc, persona.

Tony then goes on a rant to describe how each party hopes to entice you but why this years food fight will shift from mass media to social media. He encourages us all to think about three things before voting, and to put collective ahead of self interests. Its the type of fresh thinking you get when someone isn’t tethered to the purse strings of any party.