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Nov 19, 2019

Will a robot take away your job?  What is the future of work?

These are two of the essential questions that I ask Angela Donnelly, founder of Corethentic. I admire Angela immensely for her point of view on the future of work. Angela is a freshly minted Canadian, who immigrated from South Africa two years ago. Her knapsack is overflowing with experience working in human capital for leading financial services institutions and with Schuitema Group, a global consultancy dedicated to the enhancement and achievement of human excellence.

I have interviewed Angela on the radio, seen her wow audiences from the stage and in workshops.  She is articulate, passionate, positive, and practical.  What she says in this podcast are worth everyone's ears as they involve both life and livelihood.

Angela believes that this is the time to unleash the power, potential, and passion of human beings.  However, it takes authentic leaders who give more than than they get, an environment conditioned to bring out excellence with individuals and teams, and an intent that achieves profit through a higher purpose.

If you are a leader in business or life or have aspirations to be one if you are an employee who feels marginalized or an employee resource harnessed only for an outcome, you will get so much from the wisdom Angela shares.  I am so impressed with her thinking I have invited Angela Donnelly to be a recurring guest.