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Mar 11, 2020

Hugh Evans -Changing Humanity, One Global Citizen at a time
Five minutes after meeting Hugh Evans, I offered him the full use of my agency's offices and creative resources to set up the Global Citizens office in Canada.  I also joined his Board. Why? I knew then and even more so, now, that I was with someone who would change our planet for the better. 
Hugh's story is inspiring and begins with two life-changing experiences as a teenager that put him on a life's quest to eradicate global poverty.  Hugh does so with humility, generosity, and trust in his co-founders and his organization. His backers include the Gates Foundation, World Leaders and Cultural Influencers.  Hugh shares Global Citizens' simple yet powerful and profound strategy for citizen activation, and proof that yes, we can and will eradicate global poverty, and possibly by the end of this decade. Become a Global Citizen.