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Dec 3, 2019

Will there ever be homes for the homeless? Will the marginalized always be outside the margins?

Tough but essential questions as we are all one society.

In today's podcast, I interview Rudy Ruttimann, Co-founder and Executive Director of Sketch Working Arts.  SKETCH enables Toronto's homeless and marginalized youth, aged 16 to 29, to pursue art, music, dance, woodworking, digital media, leadership, culinary arts and so much more.  SKETCH isn't a shelter; it's a place to learn practical skills that lead to self-sufficiency and build agency and self-worth. 

This podcast isn't about impossibilities; it's about possibilities: building self-esteem, confidence, and conviction.  Being accountable and making your path in life a matter of choice, not chance.  

Rudy offers some extraordinary insights and lessons that not only apply to the marginalized but to all of us as individuals, as Parents, Leaders and, as Human Beings.