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Aug 12, 2022

The path to a new life starts with a new calling. Dr. Gordon Postill shares his unique story of faith and overcoming personal challenges in order to help others on their journey. Listen and learn how one man's faith inspired a fantastic career change.

We all face forks in the road, and choosing one over the other isn't always obvious or easy. What can compound this difficulty is if your current path is littered with alcohol and drugs that once gave you a false sense of courage but are now consuming your shot at life.

As a young man, Gordon Postill stepped on a train to attend Queen's University. After a three-year debauched romp of sensual delights, he flunks out to find himself on another train, heading to the nickel mines in Northern Ontario, where he hopes to hide beneath the earth's surface, but his substance abuse picked up steam. 

Gordon becomes increasingly dispirited, feeling irreversibly mired in existential despair, ignominy and jobs ranging from nickel miner to security guard. Gordon reaches a point where he questions if life is worth living. 

And then, Gordon has a calling that changes all and puts him on a path to earning a Masters and Doctorate in Ministry. Rev. Dr. Gordon Postill takes the pain and experiences of his earlier life on a new course where he helps thousands of people living in hospices.

Many decades later, Gordon has a new calling: to help his loved wife Robin, whose mind surrendered to Alzheimer's. 

Rev. Dr. Postill wrote a book about this time titled Called! A Longshot's Story. An honest and, at times, raw interview that proves that destiny, or at the very least a new path in life, can happen if you match purpose with intent.

Amy Deacon, Founder and CEO of Toronto Wellness Counselling, returns to Chatter that Matters to talk about why so many wonderful caregivers helping people with their addiction have found themselves on this path because, at one time, they were addicts. 

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