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Nov 19, 2021

The great reset or resignation, employee or life dissatisfaction, and general malaise. So many people want to make a change, try something different, but they feel it's too big of a stretch, or a dream they aren't capable of racing towards.

Andre De Grasse's dream was to play professional basketball but in his final year, the program was cancelled at his high school.  On a dare from a friend, and in borrowed shoes, he signed up for a track meet.  From a standing start, as he didn’t know how to use the blocks, Andre took the first steps towards racing to become the fastest man in the world and a medal winner in every Olympic competition he has entered.

Not everyone will run as fast and as far as Andre De Grasse, or stand on a podium draped in Olympic Gold.  However, most can learn from how Andre goes after his dreams on and off the track, with humility, grace, will and resilience.

If you are feeling stuck on your starter blocks, or just starting out, or just love a fantastic story of conquest, you will enjoy this episode.

As an added value, Dr. Ryan Todd, CEO of headversity, joins the show to talk about the head and heart of a champion, and how we can all learn from their approach to life.

Mark Thomas, Director of Brand Marketing, at RBC talks about RBC's Training Ground and how it helps aspiring athletes chase their Olympic Dreams.

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