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Nov 18, 2022

Mitch Joel is a renaissance man with much to say about the relentless digital disruption and how it impacts you. His opinions have been shaped by a nomadic career that began when computers were rudimentary and the internet was the domain of a handful of universities. Add Mitch's insatiable appetite for reading, observing, writing, music, creativity, design and speaking — combined with being a serial entrepreneur — and you have someone who not only decodes the future but helps you map yours.

Mitch shares his life story and the lessons he learned along the way.  His first book was the best-seller Six Pixels of Separation, followed by his most recent book CTRL ALT Delete. His latest venture, ThinkersOne, provides personalized and bite-sized insights from some of the most sought-after thinkers in the world, democratizing thought leadership for individuals and businesses of all sizes.

Sharing his insights on technology, the pandemic, decoding the future, customer experience and more, Mitch Joel reveals his thoughts on what it will take to realize your future.