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Jan 28, 2022

Richard Clune has been playing professional hockey for sixteen years. He skates like the wind and has the body strength to hit like a locomotive. Today Richard Clune, whose nickname is Dickie, is the Captain of the Toronto Marlies, the AHL affiliate team of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Sixteen years playing professional hockey is a feat, given the average tenure of an NHL player is 4.5 years, but what makes Richard’s story even more remarkable is that Hockey Scouts thought he was too small to play the role of the Agitator, and Mental Illness that manifested itself into substance addiction took over his life. So how did Richard overcome both?  His attitude and approach to life.
I have known Richard Clune all his life, and I can tell you that he has the heart of a lion, a work ethic that few can match, and the bravery to reach out for help when he needed to.
In this raw and moving episode of Chatter that Matters, Richard Clune takes you from his earliest playing days to how he changed his game to make it to the NHL. Richard talks about when his dream was first realized when he was first called up to the NHL and the LA Kings, when all his hard work was being rewarded, his mental state was such that it was the last thing he wanted. Richard chose self-destruction over his skates.  Drinking and drugs almost derailed his career and his life.
Richard also talks about what it takes to go and remain sober, and in doing so how he fell in love with hockey and life again.  Richard has played for the Nashville Predators and the Toronto Maple Leafs and today, for the Marlies, he cherishes his role as a Team Captain and role model to the next generation.
And when he does hang up his skates, where will his heart, work ethic and positive attitude take Richard 'Dickie' Clune. You will have to listen to find out. 
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