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Nov 5, 2019

Great leaders are rare, but those who identify and define a new sector are often rarified. For example, Edison with Electricity, Ford in Automotive, Mary Kay with Beauty, Oprah with media, Jobs with consumer electronics, and Bezos with e-commerce made their unique mark but shared common traits. They have vision, curiosity, instinct, and they pursue their dreams with passion and persuasion. One of these individuals is Bruce Linton, the Founder and former CEO of Canopy Growth.

Bruce witnesses how some countries were legalizing medical cannabis, and he listened carefully to the whispers of others who were looking at legalizing recreational marijuana. He determined that if this were to happen, it would be the opportunity of his lifetime and for Canada.

His vision was to build, from scratch, the dominant global player in this space. To do so, Bruce Linton had to attract the capital and talent that could fuel his ambitions. His challenge to both was that cannabis had a stigma, whispers are not a guarantee, and in the USA, it is a Schedule 3 narcotic, with all the legal and banking implications that carry with it.

We all know what Bruce Linton accomplished but what this episode of Chatter that Matter we focus on the individual, his mindset, his ability to make mission-critical decisions and to lead a company and a sector.

We also learn the value he places on purpose and culture over profit, and why he embraces versus fears the path less trampled.

And for anyone investing in this space, we also learn what Bruce is up to next.