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Dec 28, 2019

A brand new decade should include a brand new you. In 3 months you can dramatically improve your mind and body to prevent disease, and slowing down your ageing process. You will look and feel much younger. You will improve your energy and sex drive and counter years of partying. No pills or magic bullets.

In this podcast learn how you are a bitch to the food that strips you of minerals, inflames your body, compromises food absorption, and decreases your circulation.

Learn the difference between deficiency, sufficiency and toxicity.

Focus on just three things to let you race on a path to a much healthier you.

And after listening to this podcast, my bet is you put aside your pencil to write New Year's resolutions and instead reach for a tape measure.  

The final segment in my conversation with the extraordinary Gunn Sikk. 30 minutes to improve your next 30 years.

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