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Dec 10, 2019

In part two of my three-part podcast with Gunn Sikk on your health, we talk about the popular Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, presented by #JamesCameron, #ArnoldSchwarzenegger, #JackieChan, #LewisHamilton, #NovakDjokovic, and #ChrisPaul.

The Game Changers showcases the significant performance advantages that happen when someone switches to a plant-based diet. 

I asked Gunn if he feels this movie is more fact or fiction and how he feels about a plant-based diet? 

His answers might surprise you.

If you didn't tune in last week, let me state my personal belief that Gunn Sikk is one of the smartest people I have ever met. He has devoted his life to understanding the human body and why our health and ability to prevent disease, live to our fullest and slow down our internal aging clock is based in large part in what we consume. Gunn has a brain where he can combine his hypothesis with synthesis from thousands of studies that he has read to draw conclusions and to lay out a path that all can follow.