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Jul 2, 2021

After chatting with Sandi Boucher, I realize how little I know about the Indigenous Culture and how much better I would be as a human being if I valued what they value. I suppose that is true across every culture. Imagine if we opened our minds and hearts to others and see people who are foreign to our way of life as an opportunity to enrich versus isolate ourselves. If we did we would be a better human race, with the resolve to reconcile our differences and solve the problems that even threaten our existence.

Sandi is a proud Ojibwe woman and a Seine River First Nation member in northern Ontario who knows full well the devastation of colonialism, alcoholism, and domestic violence. Sandi escaped her circumstances and today is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, storyteller and activist. Sandi supports both sides of reconciliation by creating safe spaces, not only for Indigenous peoples but also for non-Indigenous.

Sandi draws upon the past to provide a path forward for reconciliation that you can draw upon to reconcile your differences with others, even those closest to you. It is also a path Canadians can follow to help reconcile our past, to build a better future.

Dale Sturges, Head, RBC Indigenous Financial Services joins the show to talk about the size of the Indigenous economy, how prevalent entrepreneurship is within their communities, and what is required to unlock opportunity.

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