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Aug 5, 2021

What often matters most to us and how we think, feel and behave, are the numbers. We look to weather reports to determine our activities, a scale to motivate a diet, a report card to seek a tutor and housing prices, walking scores, and crime rates to identify desirable neighbourhoods.  Polls shape how we vote and policyholders, strategists, decision-makers and entrepreneurs seek the truth through strength in numbers. 

Numbers matter and John Dick and his company Civic Science are challenging the status quo to source, interpret and provide fresh and relevant intelligence on now and how it will influence tomorrow. 

After interviewing John, I see him as a rebel, not in a placard carrying, chain myself to a fence kind of way, but through his approach to data collection, entrepreneurship and even life. John pens a Saturday newsletter that is one of the most popular in America.  He shares our sentiment and our actions, with his own brand of irreverence and humour.  And by night John is also the lead singer in a hard rock cover band called Moscow Mule. 

John Dick shares the best and worst of number gathering, why we should pay attention to the big social engines.  John also provides incredible insights on what it takes to be an extraordinary entrepreneur. 

Craig Cameron, Director of Client Experience and Insights for RBC, joins the show to talk about how brands use data to shape their products and services. 

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