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Jun 17, 2022

Listen to the incredible story of Ed Hajim, a man who overcame adversity to become a wildly successful entrepreneur. His continued resilience, hard work, and positivity inspires the self-starter within us all.

I love stories involving the 'hero's journey, someone who goes on an adventure, is victorious regardless of circumstance or crisis, finds mentors or believers along their way and becomes changed or transformed in the process. When the story is true, it roars through my spirit and lifts my belief in the power of the human being. This story, I promise, will do the same for you.

At age three, Ed Hajim is kidnapped by his father, driven from St. Louis to Los Angeles, and told that his mother is dead. His father soon abandons him to seek employment—mostly in vain—leaving his son behind in a string of foster homes and orphanages. Ed's life weaves into a pattern of neglect and desertion that continues for his entire childhood, forever leaving its mark. From one home to another, the lonely boy learns the value of self-reliance and perseverance despite his financial deprivation and the trauma of being an orphan.

What does Ed do with his life? He embarks upon a hero's journey of epic consideration. It must be heard to be appreciated, believed and applauded.

Society cannot afford to leave our young behind. Mark Beckles, Vice President of Social Impact and Innovation for RBC, joins me at the show's end to talk about Future Launch and what they are doing to help youth find and pursue their path in life.