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Feb 25, 2021

This week on Chatter that Matters, I chat with Mario Mikowski, a force of nature in the field of sustainable tourism. Mario is the third generation of a family who has made their living creating unique hotels in Costa Rica. His Great Uncle, inspired by President Kennedy's visit, built the landmark Hotel Presidente in San Jose, Costa Rica. His Dad, an entrepreneur erupting with ideas, created Tabacon Therma Resort and Spa, situated at an active Volcano base. And Mario continues with Nantipa, a boutique resort located in Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa is impossible to get there and even more impossible to leave. The coast roads will have you traverse rivers in your vehicle, and you are at least five hours from a major airport. For many, including my wife Marion and I, who are spending our winters here, it is our Utopia. A place where we can be in constant conversation with nature. To be surrounded by desert forests that erupt during the rainy season, swept away by the Pacific Ocean's changing tides, walk miles of beach that bridge nature, not buildings. To meet people from all over the world who come here and often stay. There are no all-inclusive resorts, golf or tennis or marinas. You find yourself when you find yourself in Santa Teresa.

When I asked Mario what word matters most to him, he chose sustainability. Costa Rica is a small country but a world leader in sustainability, and Mario speaks about why at conferences worldwide.

He shares his idea on how you can breathe sustainability into your life and business by adopting three principles. The first two are evident in terms of how you treat Mother Nature and the energy you use, but the third, in my opinion, stands above all. We need to move away from this winner take all attitude and approach capitalism to share and care.

Enjoy this podcast and the words of wisdom from Mario Mikowski, knowing that he first studied to be a biomedical engineer, as he was obsessed with building the 6 million dollar man, to an MBA from Columbia and a lifetime devoted to making two people smile. Guests who come to his property, and his country, and Mother Nature for treating her with the respect she deserves.

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